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Vaishnav Parivar Pushti Pathshala

Share knowledge and understanding of Pushtimarg
 Pushti Pathshala is being conducted every forth night simultaneously with satsang-path. We have two different age groups in our Pathshala. First group is 5 to 12 year age kids known as “Bal Sakha” and Second group is 13 to 18 years kids known as “Yuva Sakha”.
 We begin with “Manglacharan” and encourage all kids to learn pustimarg Stotram (”Sodash Granth”) starting with “Yamunashtakam”.We share knowledge and attempt to explain various basic elements of pushtimarg in form of stories about Shreenathji’s leela, Shree Yamunaji, Nidhi swaroops, Shree Mahaprabhuji, Shree Gusaiji, 84 and 252 vaishnavs & Shri  Vallabhkul.
 Kids enjoy participating in group discussion, quiz sessions, debates and informal exams about various topics they learn during their pathsala sessions.
Parivar always encourage kids to participate in Bhajan singing and sharing varta prasang and stories in their own words during regular satsang-path.Children from Pushti Pathshala always participate in cultural programs and Utsav celebrations. Items represented by Pushti Pathshala kids have always been a major attraction in past events, all participants including supporting parents and caregivers work very hard during practice and on day performances, kids mainly participate in Drama, Bhajan Sandhya, Nrutya Natika, delivering speeches and PowerPoint presentations.
During summer times Pushti Pathshala organises various outdoor activities with a view to promote sports, team building and harmony. Do visit our photo & Video gallery to see our kids participation in past celebrations