Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) Incorporated was registered with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies in Auckland on 21 May 2004. This resulted from 6 months of informal satsang activities at the residence of several Vaishnavs when the number of participants steadily grew to a point of requiring a formal organisation.

The first general meeting of Vaishnavs was held on 1 May 2004 at New Windsor School Hall, Auckland where the meeting unanimously adopted a formal Constitution; elected 5 members for the Board of Management pursuant to it and resolved to seek registration of the organisation.

Vaishnav Parivar (NZ) Inc. has a federal structure which allows for the establishment of branches throughout New Zealand under the management and supervision of the Board of Management.  

The first meeting under the Constitution was called on 29 May 2004 when the Auckland branch was established and its first office bearers were elected. Presently Auckland is the only branch. Vaishnavs in Hamilton, Rotorua, Whangarei and elsewhere are members of the Auckland branch. When there are sufficient Vaishnavs in a locality to set up a formal branch a new branch will be established there.

Vaishnav Parivar is also registered under the Charities Act 2005. The advancement of religion is a charitable purpose. Additionally, Vaishnav Parivar undertakes several community projects for the benefit of the general public.

Vaishnav Parivar has been granted “donee status” by the Inland Revenue Department and enjoys tax exemptions including from income tax and allows donors of cash to claim a tax rebate.

Vaishnav Parivar has been honoured to host H. D. H. Goswami 108 Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshree of Kalyanraiji Mandir, Vadodrara; Goswami 108 Kamlesh Bawashree of Mumbai, Goswami 108 Yogesh Bawashree also of Mumbai and Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahodaya Shri (Amdavad-Kadi). 

Vaishnav Parivar holds regular fortnightly  satsang; provides mahaprasad and celebrates all the important utvas throughout the year including Shri Mahaprabhuji pragatotsav; Vraj Vihar; Hindola; Janmasthami; Sharadpurnima; Annakoot Mahatsav; Tulsi Viva and Shri Gusaiji Pragatotsav. Vraj Vihar is a celebration of all the thakorjis of Vaishnavs coming together under one roof for a satsang.

In addition to all the religious activities Vaishnav Parivar pioneered the celebration of makar sakrant or uttaran in New Zealand. Since 2006 the Vaishnav Parivar has hosted “Indian Kite Festival” each year in Auckland as a community event and a fund raiser. Between 7,000 and 9,000 people of all races and cultures come along and partake in the day’s activities. Food stalls, cultural shows, children’s fun rides and sale of kites and strings specially imported from India are some of the highlights.

Vaishnav Parivar has also organized soft ball cricket tournament and undertakes Christmas picnics and tours from time to time.

You are welcome see the photographs of all the celebrations and activities of Vaishnav Parivar by going to Gallery.


The goal of Vaishnav Parivar is to build a Haveli in Auckland in the future. A Haveli Fund has been set up.

Board of Management

Bhupendra C. Patel (Chairman)
Sushil Shah
Pankaj Dalal
Vinay Mehta

Vinay Shah

Auckland Branch

Manhar Patel (President)
Sanjeev Shah (Secretary)
Viren Shah (Treasurer)

Committee Members:

Rakesh Patel, Bhavin Dhankee, Ketan Sheth, Rajeshbhai Rathod,
Mitul Shah, Bharatbhai Parikh,  Dharmendrabhai Kajaria, Samirbhai Patel,Rupeshbhai Shroff